Daxton Monaghan – guitar/vocals for the sweetlips

I first picked up a guitar when I was thirteen learning general classic lessons, and relished in music styles from rock’n’roll to punk. I got serious at twenty four, studying Jazz guitar at the music conservatorium my first real experience in a band was a punk band named ‘Latex Rubber Skin Head’ In this band I played electric guitar, and my jazz lessons gave me enough confidence to play along with others. I played in a number of bands which lead me to a lot of experience in-front of crowds, I met Country Icon & producer Bill Chambers in 2008 and had my first real solo album recorded & released through McCormack’s studio’s I was finally on my way playing and supporting popular acts such as Kasey Chambers, Becky Cole and more. In 2010 I had my first tour around the USA playing Hollywood CA & Nashville TN; I spent almost three months in the USA playing shows and writing songs. When I flew back to Australia I was quickly in the studio with a new solo album named ‘Thin tall lily’ which was released by Foghorn records; leading me to be signed by them for an album release. I started the sweet-lips around this time; going back to my roots of heavy rock/punk, only to realize the heavy grunt had never left. We released an album in 2013 named ‘From out of nowhere’ it was well received with radio-play, Movie slots and great reviews all around the US and was released through i Tunes.

Writing music, singing and playing surrounds me in abundance and has consumed my entirety. I will always be by its side. 


 Traygo Stewart – Drummer for the sweetlips

Started playing guitar at the age of 13, bass and drums at the age of 15. Played all through high school and in plenty of high school bands. After high school played in 2 bands, Precipice and also Calm as the lead singer. Had a hiatus from bands for a couple of years then Miramar formed.  Played drums in Miramar and helped out with some riffage. Played with Miramar for about 5 years, recorded a full length album, played countless shows in sydney, the coast, new castle and surrounding areas. Toured up and down the east coast playing shows and even  festivals from Brisbane to Melbourne and even Inverell and everywhere in between.

Miramar gave me the full band experience, from touring, shitty motel rooms, hours in a van with a bunch of blokes, amazing shows, shitty shows, recording, a solid fan base, film clips and photo shoots.

Played along side amazing bands like Grinspoon, Mammal, Dead letter Circus, Art vs Science, Jericho, The Lazys, and countless more great aussie bands

My influences musically are very eclectic and broad. Red hot chilli peppers, Incubus, deftones, Prince (love prince), simply Red, America to bands like memphis may fire, bleeding through, Sikth, between the buried and me and  Periphery.

My drumming influences would have to be…..
Dan Ford (Sikth)
Matt Halpern (Periphery)
Morgan rose (sevendust)
Lucious Borich (Cog)
Dominic howard (Muse)


Andy Felton – Bass

I first picked up the Bass when I was a teenager and I have been playing for more than fifteen years. I started to get in to my influences such as chillies, Kiss, and many more of that sound inspired me greatly. My first rock band started in 1990 named “Herbal Breakfast’ we played hotels, festivals & clubs. And it gave me plenty of experience on stage considering we played for roughly ten years.

   From 2007 to 2013 I played in ‘rocwater’ a more groove based band were I had the freedom to play more of a funk style we played many festivals including re-union tours and many hotels. What I like about playing bass is that I love the sound of the bottom end it has its own voice, I have a great experience playing bass and I feel good with  sitting in the pocket and knowing when to let it out. Now I’m playing with the sweetlips I get to let out a more sludgy feel and the songs give me the freedom to rock out I’ve known the guys forever and I’m comfortable with that in itself.