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A/F Radio

Almost Famous Radio tonight: The Sweetlips, The Wildbloods, Spectacles, Ben Wright Smith, Panama, Shaun Kirk, Juan Alban, The Bucketseats, Dave Wells, Daniel Dawes, Far Away Stables, Geno Carrapetta, Sons Of May, Mar Haze, Split Seconds, Little Bastard, Tidy Towns, A Little Province, Monks Of Mellonwah, Twin Caverns, Slumberhaze, and All India Radio. Plus, I feature tracks from the latest album from A Man Called Son: Midnight Associates

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The Sweetlips new logo

The sweetlips have a new logo coming soon from friend & artist Scotty Woods

And are booking shows around the East Coast of Australia for support off there

New album “From out of nowhere” which is also on i Tunes.

New material has also emerged and the boys are working hard to put some

of there lower tuned heavy prog rock out into the world.

Come check out some great tracks at the Website below


The new ten track album from the sweetlips

The new ten track album from the sweetlips

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The sweetlips new songs

A fine way to celebrate

A fine way to celebrate

The sweetlips are writing new songs to record and will have the material by 2015

One new song had it’s first appearance on Saturday April 5th at the Hardy’s Bay RSL

When the lads played the awesome show.

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Album Review “From Out of Nowhere”

From out of nowhere is the latest album from the sweet-lips a band that has all the dirt & grit of a heavy alternate rock band, the sweet lips released there album to i Tunes on the 28th of September 2013 and are touring the East Coast of Australia NSW. The album reflects a new out-look in a heavy stoner/grunge sound, Mixed & recorded at Damien Gerard studios under the steady guidance of Russell Pilling, Who has recorded bands such as The Church, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Cruel Sea, New Christ and many more. First awesome track From the sweetlips new album is “little child” an up-tempo energetic rock sound that makes you feel alive with tasty riffs and a message that hits home, the song has been selected for TV & Movie through publishing company Mac a Million Dollar Man Musick.
The sweet-lips sound can be best described from the influences that have moulded & shaped their amazing creative sound such as? Kyuss, SLO Burn, Nirvana, Sound garden, Tool just to mention a few respectfully. “From out of nowhere” has a heavy Stone Age grungy feel that revokes today’s top forty commercialization of typical stereo types; this album has a mind of its own creative flow and if you choose to listen to this awesome album you will be hooked as-well check out “from out of nowhere on I Tunes and other media releases.

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